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Fargo Moorhead Home Builders

Want to find a good HomeBuilder? Selecting a good Fargo builder is the first step in a new successful new construction project. If you do your homework ahead of time, you should be able to choose a home builder who is perfect for your project.

If you're thinking about buying or building a new home this year, you're probably wondering how to avoid buying from a bad builder.

So you have decided to build your new dream home. How do you find the right builder? Are you just going to leave it to chance? I hope not. You are preparing to make what is possibly the largest purchase you will ever make. As a buyer you owe it to yourself to practice your due diligence and find a builder who is qualified to build your dream home as well as being someone that you can communicate with about your wishes and desires in your home.

In the Fargo Real Estate market, the most common ways for a buyer to find prospective builders are via the internet, their REALTOR, word of mouth from their family and friends or from the Fargo Home Builders Association. Once the candidates have been identified the buyer and their buyer’s agent should begin the due diligence period by asking questions to determine the best fit. Here is a list of possible questions to ask:

* How long have you been building homes? (You are looking for 3+ years)
* Is your primary source of income derived by homebuilding?
* What insurance coverage’s do you carry? (You are looking for general liability, workman’s comp, and builder’s risk.)
* What is your primary source of information regarding changes in building codes? (You are looking for trade associations such as the home builder’s association or various continuing education classes)
* What is your written warranty on the homes you build and can I have a copy of it to review?
* What is your policy on home inspections? (You must be allowed to use a code certified inspector)
* Will you provide me with references from your homeowners?
* Due to today’s economic time and the state of the real estate market, would you be willing to share your financial information with us?
* Why should we select you to build our home?

While these may not include every question that you may need to ask, it should provide a good start. Even if the home you are looking to purchase is already started and at some stage of completion you should still ask questions of the builder. After all you are interviewing as an employer. You are hiring someone to build your home.

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The mission of the Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead is to provide quality services, benefits and education to our members and the community. Striving to be a visible and proactive influence, the association represents the collective interests of the home building industry.

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